Рубрика: English


  1. He quickly reads a book.

  2. Mandy is a pretty girl.

  3. The class is terrible loud today. CLUEUse the adverb terribly, because you descibe the adjective loud.

    Correct is: The class is terribly loud today.

  4. Max is a good singer.

  5. You can easily open this tin.

  6. It’s a terrible day today.

  7. She sings the song well.

  8. He is a careful driver.

  9. He drives the car careful. CLUEUse the adverb carefully because you sayhow he drives the car.

    Correct is: He drives the car carefully.

  10. The dog barks loudly.









  1. My mother likes chocolate, but she doesn’t like biscuits.

  2. What do the children wear at your school?

  3. Lynn’s father watches badminton on TV, but he doesn’t watch judo.

  4. Where do the Masons buy their fruit?

  5. Does the cat like to sleep on the sofa?

  6. Dogs love bones, but they don’t love cheese.

  7. Where do Sam and Ben hide their CDs?

  8. We eat pizza, but we don’t eat hamburgers.

  9. Does Mrs Miller read magazines?

  10. Do the boys play cricket outside?