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Once upon a time, there was a place called spice Country. In the capital of the country, in its main square, there was the Pepperpot palace where queen Salt and her favourite son prince Pepper lived. Prince Pepper was very rich. He had a lot of food, but he liked mustard very much. He couldn’t live without mustard.
In a poor little house, which stood on the bank of the river near the bridge, there lived a little girl, Sarah Sweet by name. She was the prince’s friend.
One day she went to visit prince Pepper. She found him in bed as he was ill. He is very ill. — said the doctor. He can’t eat food without mustard. And we can’t find any mustard in the shops.
— No mustard? — said Sarah. I don’t believe it. There is a lot of mustard in our Spice country.
— But it isn’t the right kind. — said the queen. It must be magic mustard. And someone has stolen all the prince’s magic mustard’s seeds.
We have told the police, but they can’t find the seeds. We think the Vinegar witch has done it, but she won’t talk to anyone but sweet young girls.
Suddenly the doctor looked at Sarah. — Why? — he said. You are a sweet young girl. Will you help us?
— Of course, I will. — Sara said. But where does the witch live? How can I get there?
— She lives with her cat Midnight in a castle which is in the mountains. — answered the queen. You can get there by plane or by train, but you will have to go on foot.
First find the magic road to the mountains!
— I’m sure I shall find it. Goodbye everyone! — said Sarahand left the palace.
Nearby she saw a taxi.
— Taxi, taxi. — cried Sarah. Let’s go fast. I’m in a hurry.
— Where to? — asked the driver when he opened the door and asked Sarah to get in.
— To the airport. — was the answer.
It took them ten minutes to get there. Sarah bought a ticket. As she had no luggage, very soon she was on the plane in the blue sky.