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Ex. 1

  1. I am driving to Manchester on Thursday.
  2. She isn’t going on holidays this year.
  3. Are they coming to the party on Saturday?
  4. We are getting up early on Saturday to play tennis.
  5. I am staying in a hotel near the station next week.
  6. ‘Are you helping the weekends?’ ‘Yes, I am.’


Ex. 2

Dialogue 1

Daughter: Dad, could you take me to the city centre this afternoon?

Father: Of course. I  will drive you there after lunch if you want. I also need to go downtown because I  am meeting a client at 3. Where do you need to go?

Daughter: To the library. I  am going to borrow a couple of books that I need for university.

Father: No problem. I will leave you you there on my way to the office.


Dialogue 2

Roy: What time  are you leaving tomorrow?

Valeria: Very early. I am taking the 6.50 train.

Roy: Do you have the ticket?

Valeria: Not yet, because I  am going to buy it online when I arrive home.


Dialogue 3

Ruth: I  am going for a drink with Jessica this evening. Would you like to come?

Sandra: No,  I am going to finish the book I am reading. I need to finish it before tomorrow.

Ruth: Why do you need to finish it for tomorrow?

Sandra: Because I  am going to meet my friends from the reading club tomorrow afternoon.


Ex. 3

1. I did really well in the interview, so I am starting  a new job on Monday.2. My wife and I are having  a party this weekend. We’ve already bought the drinks and sent the invitations.

3. Celia is moving  to Chicago later this month. She got a job there.

4. Marla is not coming  to the meeting today. She has to catch a flight at 2.30 p.m.

5. What are you doing  on Friday evening? Do you want to catch a movie?

6. When is Giulia coming  to visit us? I miss her.

7. Why aren’t you joining  us on this trip? You’re a great travel companion, and we’d love to have you there!

8. We are going  shopping later today to buy Shawn a gift. Do you want to tag along?

9. I am staying  at the MGM in Las Vegas. I booked a room two months ago to get a good rate.

10. I can’t wait to get to France. We are taking  a tour around the South to visit the wineries.

Ex. 4

1. She will send  (send) Bruno the letter when she has time.2. I will be sleeping  (sleep) at 11:30 p.m. this evening.

3. The police officer will arrest  (arrest) the thug after you identify him.

4. The truck will pick up  (pick up) the money later tomorrow afternoon.

5. When you graduate, your parents will clap  (clap) in the audience.

6. When you wake up tomorrow morning, it will rain  (rain).

7. His boss will be speaking  (speak) with him tomorrow at 1:00 p.m..

8. I will subscribe  (subscribe) to the magazine next month.

9. They work hard. They will get  (get) good marks at the end of the school.

10. Tomorrow at this time, I will be attending  (attend) a conference.