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Աթոռ- սկամի

Սեղան- մագիդա

Պատուհան- փանջարա

Գրատախտակ- դափա

Կավիճ- ցարցի

Դուռ- կարեբի, կարի

Գլոբուս- գլոբուսի

Ապակի- շուշա

Աշակերտ- մոսծավլե

Ուսուցիչ- մասծավլեբլի

Սենյակ- օթախի

Հայ- սոմեխի

Ռուս- ռուսի

Վրացի- քառթվելի

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Ex. 1

1. I think Susan will fall in love with Mike. (fall)
2. John is going to listen to his new CD all evening. (listen)
3. It’s late. I hope we will not miss the bus. (not miss)
4. I think the police will arrest the burglars. (arrest)
5. Are you going to learn the new words this time, Peter? (you learn)
6. Jane and Sue are going to buy a present for mum’s birthday. (buy)
7. I hope you will help me with the dishes, Julie. (help)
8. Next summer we will probably stay at a campsite near a lake. (probably stay)
9. We  to Scotland this summer. (go)
10. I promise, I will phone you tomorrow. (phone)
11. Maybe he won’t have any time next weekend. (not have)
12. She is going to have a baby next April. (have)
13. I hope the train will not be delayed. (not be)
14. They will probably pass the exam. (probably pass)
15. The sky is cloudy and grey. It is going to rain. (rain)



1. The fridge is empty. will you go and get some food, please? (you go)
2. We have decided that we are going to have dinner at a restaurant tomorrow. (have)
3. The weather report said that it is going to be sunny tomorrow. (be)
4. Eva said that she is not going to date him anymore. (not date)
5. Tom, will you hike with us next Saturday? (you hike)
6. We have to hurry. The train leaves in five minutes. (leave)
7. They are hungry. I will get some milk and cornflakes for breakfast. (get)
8. We will probably donate some money to his charity organization. (probably donate)
9. I studied a lot for the exam. I am not going to fail. (not fail)
10. They announced that the shopping mall opens on June 1st. (open)
11. It’s a beautiful day today. I think I will go to the beach today. (go)
12. He is going to teach us in English next year. (teach)
13. I feel very tired. I am going to sleep. (sleep)
14. I’m not sure if he will have enough money to buy a new car next year. (have)
15. The world championships end next Sunday. (end)

Ex. 3

1. They are driving (drive) to New York tomorrow morning.
2. I hope the weather will be (be) nice.
3. I offered him this job. I think he will take (take) it.
4. I promise I will not tell (not tell) your secret to anyone.
5. Take your umbrella with you. It is going to rain (rain).
6. They are going to play (play) cards this evening.
7. I am going (go) to the cinema tomorrow.
8. They are going to fly (fly) to Seattle next summer holidays.
9. I am inviting (invite) 50 people to the party, and I hope everyone will come (come).
10. That exercise looks difficult. I will help (help) you.
11. is he going (go) to the football match?
12. Are you sure they will win (win) the match?
13. She will probably stay (stay) till Thursday.
14. He is not leaving (not leave) tomorrow.
15. We think he will come (come) home late in the night.

Ex. 4

1. The student can’t buy the book. It’s too  expensive.

2. The students could not finish the test. It was too  long.

3. I could not answer the question. It wasn’t easy enough .

4. The boy isn’t tall enough  to reach the shelf.

5. The box is too  heavy for the porter to lift.

6. We can’t hear the television. It isn’t loud enough .

7. He is too  poor to satisfy all his needs.

8. The man can’t see the sun. The sky isn’t clear enough .

9. Voltaire’s Candide is too  challenging for the students to grasp.

10. We can’t get into this small car. It isn’t big enough .

Ex. 5

1. The hot and sour pork was too  spicy for me to eat, I couldn’t swallow it.

2. I am just too  tired to work anymore.

3. Is this box light enough  for you to carry?

4. Do you have enough  money for emergencies?

5. How much calcium is enough  to prevent bone loss?

6. Don’t worry about your mother,she ‘ll be home very  soon.

7. I’m very  interested in everyone’s opinion so I appreciate your view.

8. We don’t get enough  to sleep because we have too much homework to do.

9. Thank you very  much for your nice words.

10. High -definition televisions are much too  expensive for the average American consumer.