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Ex. 1

1. He is a clever boy. (clever)
2. He is tired because he has worked hard. (hard)
3. He isn’t tired because he has hardly worked. (hard)
4. She is a quiet girl. (quiet)
5. She went to bed quietly. (quiet)
6. He is not a good student, but he writes well. (good)
7. You should speak more softly. (soft)
8. The children behaved badly. (bad)
9. The brave men fought bravely. (brave)
10. They lived together happily. (happy)
11. She looks pretty. (pretty)
12. That milk tastes sour. (sour)
13. I don’t know exactly where they live. (exact)
14. She turned pale. (pale)
15. This brown fur feels soft. (soft)


Ex. 2

1. These children are good at English. (good)
2. Your brother hardly works at all. (hard)
3. Ann nearly had an accident last Sunday. (near)
4. Have you been to the cinema lately. (late)
5. Mary always dresses beautifully. (beautiful)
6. Yes, it was raining heavily for two hours. (heavy)
7. He has painted it nicely. (nice)
8. What a quick worker he is! (quick)
9. He is always very polite. (polite)
10. He is often nervous. (nervous)
11. Arthur quickly rode back to the inn. (quick)
12. They saw a beautiful butterfly on a rose. (beautiful)
13. When the teacher heard about the missing book, he said angrily :»You should be more careful.» (angry)
14. When he told him the truth, he was quiet. (quiet)
15. «This wound looks bad,» the doctor said. (bad)


Ex. 3

1. Dad’s car is much faster than mine. (fast)
2. I think scuba diving is more fascinating than climbing. (fascinating)
3. His thirst grew bigger and bigger. (big / big)
4. He thinks this test was more difficult than the last one. (difficult)
5. They live in a really beautiful house. (beautiful)
6. She is the best tennis player of the world. (good)
7. Susan is a nice girl. She’s much nicer than her sister. (nice / nice)
8. This suitcase is heavier than the others. (heavy)
9. Hotels in London are more expensive than in Vienna. (expensive)
10. Bob is taller than Keith but Phil is the tallest. (tall / tall)
11. Doris reads more books than Peter but Frank reads the most. (many / many)
12. France is as beautiful as Spain. (beautiful)
13. They live in a big house but Fred lives in a bigger one. (big / big))
14. My sister is three years younger than me. (young)
15. This was the worst film I have ever seen. (bad)
16. I think tennis is more interesting than cycling. (interesting)
17. I talked to Claire and she is a really smart girl. (smart)
18. His company earned less money than the years before. (little)
19. She was the most popular girl at college. (popular)
20. They didn’t stay out as late as last Saturday. (late)


Ex. 4

bad worse the worst

regular more regular the most regular

exciting more exciting the most exciting

happy happier the happiest

wonderful more wonderful the most wonderful

clever cleverer the cleverest

friendly friendlier the friendliest

beautiful more beautiful the most beautiful

clear clearer the clearest

few fewer the fewest

empty emptier the emptiest

good better the best

famous more famous the most famous

little less the least

strong stronger the strongest

boring more boring the most boring

cool cooler the coolest

easy easier the easiest

hot hotter the hottest

dark darker the darkest

expensive more expensive the most expensive