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May 11-22

Topic of the week: Disasters

English in mind-part II, slide 4 (page 54)

Discussion-“Positive influence of the quarantine”

The advantage is that we are starting our classes at 10 or 11:30 o’clock. The second advantage is that I spent most of my time with my sister or I watch a movies. The third advantage is that we are doing 2-3 classes mostly, because in school I do 6-8 classes and after that classes I became very tired. And the last advantage is that I learned to paint beautifully during quarantine.

Grammar Revision-Passive voice-

Ex. 1

1. He has lent her the umbrella.
She has been lent the umbrella by him.
2. He gave me a good advice.
I was given good advice by him.
3. Dad promised us some money.
We were promised some money by dad.
4. They’ll give him a reward.
He will be given a reward by them.
5. He told me the whole story.
I was told the whole story by him.
6. They have sent her the bill.
She has been sent the bill by them.
7. She’ll show us the way.
We will be shown the way by her.
8. He has paid her a lot of money.
She has been paid a lot of money by him.
9. Peter wrote it down correctly.
It was written down correctly by Peter.
10. Noise kept him awake.
He was kept awake by noise.
11. Dad sometimes takes me to the station.
I am sometimes taken to the station by dad.
12. She’ll give me his address.
I will be given his address by her.


Ex. 2

1. He usually buys the tickets.
The tickets are usually bought by him.
2. We booked the flights.
The flights were booked by us.
3. He opened the bottle easily.
The bottle was opened easily by him.
4. She cleans my shoes.
My shoes are cleaned by her.
5. They arrested the burglars.
The burglars were arrested by them.
6. He wrote the note.
The note was written by him.
7. They washed the car.
The car was washed by them.
8. She found the key.
The key was found by her.
9. He sold his coin collection.
His coin collection was sold by him.
10. We started a new system.
A new system was started by us.
11. Someone stole his car.
His car was stolen.
12. They used the towels.
The towels were used by them.
13. We turned on the TV.
The TV was turned on by us.
14. She served tea at 4.
Tea was served by her at 4.
15. The rain flooded the camp.
The camp was flooded by the rain.
Ex. 3

1. They built these houses in 1902.
In 1902 these houses were built by them.
2. She bakes a cake every Sunday.
Every Sunday a cake is baked by her.
3. He broke the vase yesterday.
The vase was broken by him yesterday.
4. I clean the shoes every Friday.
Every Friday the shoes are cleaned by me.
5. We wrote the exercise an hour ago.
An hour ago the exercise was written by us.
6. They use this road very often.
This road is used by them very often.
7. Thieves stole his car.
His car was stolen by thieves.
8. They cancelled all the flights.
All the flights were cancelled by them.
9. Brian told the truth.
The truth was told by Brian.
10. She always loads the dishwasher.
The dishwasher is always loaded by her.
11. He sometimes does the shopping.
The shopping is sometimes done by him.
12. The ambulance took Peter to hospital.
Peter was taken to hospital by the ambulance.