Рубрика: English


1. Look! Pauline is watering the flowers. (water)
2. Listen! The girls are singing a song. (sing)
3. She usually drives home by bus. (drive)
4. Jack goes to his grandmother every day. (go)
5. Look! Sally and Joe are playing tennis. (play)
6. Nelly drinks a cup of tea every morning. (drink)
7. We can’t play tennis. It is raining now. (rain)
8. Bill is doing his homework at the moment. (do)
9. Jane always does her homework in her room. (do)
10. The boys sometimes run in the park. (run)
11. My cat never sleeps in my room. (sleep)
12. Listen! Phil is singing an English song. (sing)
13. No, I am not listening to music on my mobile phone, I am having a bath. (not listen / have)
14. Michael can’t play football. He is playing the guitar at the moment. (play)
15. We never write letters to America. (write)

1. My brothers aren’t cleaning their bikes now. (clean)
2. Listen, Michelle isn’t singing in the shower anymore. (sing)
3. I am not learning for school right now. (learn)
4. They aren’t having a great time at the party. (have)
5. Tim is his room, but he isn’t studying for the test. (study)
6. Look, I am not baking a cake for my brother’s birthday. (bake)
7. My parents aren’t leaving for work now. (leave)
8. He isn’t watering the flowers in the garden. (water)
9. Hurry up! The teacher isn’t looking at us. (look)
10. I am not playing on my iPad at the moment. (play)
11. Look, our cat isn’t eating its food. (eat)
12. I am not looking for my keys again. (look for)
13. Where are you? We aren’t waiting for you any longer. (wait)
14. My parents aren’t having dinner right now. (have)
15. They aren’t going to the church today. (go)
16. He isn’t driving my sisters to the airport. (drive)
17. It isn’t snowing today, is it? (snow)
18. My brothers aren’t working in the garden. (work)
19. She isn’t swimming in the pool now. (swim)
20. We aren’t watching the late-night-show. (watch)