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Assignmnets for 27.10.2020

Writing. My peaceful autumn

Autumn is my favorite season․ In autumn the leafs are falling but not this year, this year are falling tears of many mothers’. I was expecting a lot from this autumn, of course in a good way, but this autumn is the worst autumn in my life, because of the war between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. I felt the war for the first time in my life, when all this started on September 27. I hope that the last month of autumn will be good month, with good news.

Reading. Read the text, write down all the unknown words and make up 5 questions related to the text

Why he decided to become a cook?

How many countries have shown his programmes?

What the age did Jamie Oliver left school?

What profession Jamie Oliver have except cook?

How did Jamie helped his parents in their pub?


Jamie Oliver is a genius in the world of food and one of Britain’s most famous cooks. He has encouraged people to spend more time in the kitchen and enjoy it. His programmes are shown in over 100 countries including the USA, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Japan and Iceland. They were translated into over 30 languages. Jamie Oliver’s cookery books are bestsellers not only in the UK but across the world.

Jamie Oliver was born in 1975 in England. From an early age he got interested in food. His parents had a pub where he often helped them in the kitchen. He actually began working there at the age of eight. Jamie cut vegetables like any other ordinary worker in the pub.

Jamie Oliver left school at 16 without any official certificate. He went to Westminster College to study economics and after that travelled to France. Jamie knew that in France cooking was a kind of art. And he wanted to master that art. It was no doubt the best place to study if he wished to become a professional chef.

After returning from France, Jamie worked in a number of British restaurants. At that time there was a programme on the telly about the cafe where Jamie worked. TV producers were impressed by the young chef. The next day Jamie received calls from five different TV companies wishing to work with him. He soon became the best-liked celebrity chef on television and his programme was a real revolution in cooking shows. Thanks to an informal and friendly manner Jamie Oliver won crowds of fans around the world.

However, Jamie devotes his time not only to cooking. He’s a family man, with a wife and four children. He also works on a number of projects. For example, Jamie Oliver created the “Fifteen Foundation”. Each year, fifteen young people are trained and taught to work in the restaurant business. It’s interesting that they are not common people. They are from unhappy families, they are unemployed. Some of them were in prison or took drugs. In this way Jamie Oliver tries to help them start a new life.

Another project by Jamie Oliver was connected with school dinners and lunches. He wanted school children to begin eating healthy food instead of junk food. The British government supported the project. It spent extra 280 million pounds to improve school meals. Part of the money was spent on training cooks and buying modern equipment for schools.

It’s really hard to name all the TV programmes, shows, projects that Jamie Oliver had and is still having. He’s so creative and imaginative, that there’s no end to new ideas and projects. Except television, Jamie Oliver is a writer. His every book immediately becomes a bestseller. It’s interesting that he became the best-selling author in the country after J. K. Rowling, the “Harry Potter” writer.

Genius- հանճարեղ

Encourage- խրախուսել


Impress- Տպավորվել

Crowd- ամբոխ

Manner- վարվելակերպ

Devote- նվիրել

Drugs- թմրանյութ

Junk- անպիտան

Equipment- սարքավորումներ


Բարև և բարի գալուստ իմ ուսումնական բլոգ։ Ես Անահիտ Հովսեփյանն եմ։ 14 տարեկան եմ: Սովորում եմ Ավագ դպրոցի 10-րդ դասարանում։ Հուսով եմ բլոգումս կգտնես հետաքրքիր և օգտակար նյութեր։ Դե ինչ, բարի դիտում: <3

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