The camp I dream of.

“The camp I dream of”

There should be a large swimming pool in my dream camp. There must be a playground to enable children to play soccer or basketball or other games. In my dream camp, everything should be ideal. My classmates will be in my dream camp. I will not let them play on the tablet, but I’ll call them to play another game, for example, halamula, workman, seven stones.



Տնային առաջադրանք-Try to find some other words, make your own dictionary. (Փորձեք ինքներդ գտնել նման բառեր, որոնք միանման կամ մոտավորապես նման են հնչում և՛ հայերենում, և՛ անգլերենում):


Banana- բանան




Yes- ես




Underline the correct word, adjective or adverb.
1.The children played quiet / quietly.                 5 Have you seen Rebecca recent / recently?
2.It was raining heavy / heavily yesterday.             6 He’s a slow / slowly runner.
3.She gave it a careful/carefully look.                      7 She sings good / well.
4.She speaks perfect / perfectly German.             8 She bought a nice / nicely dress.


Ex 7.

Use the correct adjectives and adverbs to complete the exchanges.
delicious fancy   interesting
A: What did you do last night, Ben?
B: Nothing special. I just watched an 1) interesting documentary on TV. What about you?
A: I met a friend from school and we went to a fancy restaurant. The food was
really delicious
hard  last  well
A: How did you do in the race yesterday?
B: Not very well . Although I tried hard » I came in last
A: Cheer up. What matters is that you did your best.
confusing really hard
A: Did you finish your Maths homework, Camila?
B: Yes, Dad but it was really difficult. I had a hard time understanding
all the formulas.
A: I know. Some of them can be last . Anyway, next time you have problems, just ask.



8. Rewrite the sentences in the correct order.
he / went / in the morning / to school/by bicycle   He went to school by bicycle in the morning.
2 at breakfast / I / drink milk / always I drink milk always at breakfast.
3 goes to work / by bus / never / Diego Diego never goes to work by bus.
4 at school/yesterday / hard / I worked Yesterday I worked hard at school.
5 his books / often / forgets / Tom Tom often forgets his book.
6 home / last night / they went / on foot They went home on foot last night.
7 for an hour / in the queue / patiently / he waited He waited in the queue patiently for an hour.
8 he goes / often / abroad / on business  Often he goes abroad on business.



Complete the table.

Small            Smaller             The Smallest
Good             Better                The Best
Loud             Louder              The Loudest
High             Higher                The Highest
Intelligent   More intelligent    The most intelligent
Big                Bigger                 The Biggest
Helpful        More Helpful     The most Helpful


Fast               Faster                  The Fastest


Now complete the sentences with adjectives from the table.
I can’t reach the vase. Why did Dad put it on the highest shelf?
2 This is intelligent essay I’ve ever written.
3 Steve’s voice is louder than Tim’s.
4 Judy is faster than Ben. After all she’s a straight-A student.
5 Asia is bigger than Africa.
6 The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.



Ex. 10

Use the adverbs in the list in the correct form to complete the sentences.
Add any necessary words.
Fast   Formally   Early
Well   Wonderfully   Carefully
This is the most wonderfully written book I’ve ever read.
2 David cooks early his wife.
3 Sam drives faster than all my friends. He always pays attention
to the road signs.
4 Susan is well dressed than Joanna.
5 Chloe arrived carefully than the other students.
6 Klaus ran the fastest and won the race.

Ex.1 Ex.2


  1. fast → faster → fastest

  2. well → better → best

  3. carefully → more carefully → most carefully

  4. often → more often → most often

  5. badly → worse → worst

  6. hard → harder → hardest

  7. clearly → more clearly → most clearly

  8. little → less → least

  9. much → more → most

  10. early → earlier → earliest


Ex. 2

  1. I speak English more fluently now than last year.
  2. She greeted me most politely of all.
  3. She smiled more happily than before.
  4. This girl dances most gracefully of all.
  5. Could you write more clearly ?
  6. Planes can fly higher than birds.
  7. He had an accident last year. Now, he drives more carefully than before.
  8. Jim can run faster than John.
  9. Our team played worst of all.
  10. He worked harder than ever before.


  1. He quickly reads a book.

  2. Mandy is a pretty girl.

  3. The class is terribly loud today.

  4. Max is a good singer.

  5. You can easily open this tin.

  6. It’s a terrible day today.

  7. She sings the song well.

  8. He is a careful driver.

  9. He drives the car carefully.

  10. The dog barks loudly.