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Discussions are one of my favorite pastimes. They help us improve our speaking skills, we also express our minds, share our opinions and sometimes even debate․ I surely can say that it’s a part of my life and my future. It’s essential to have discussions because you can find your questions’ answers. Thanks to discussions we can reveal each other, why not ourselves. They can motivate you but sometimes don’t open up to someone, cause you shouldn’t reveal yourself fully, as you always have to keep a part of yourself secret. Sometimes during our English classes, we hold discussions and I can only say that they are very beneficial. I have overcome another fear: fear of speaking, and when we run discussions I notice that I see some changes.

Lately, we have had a discussion about “Psychology and Relationships”. The topic was quite impressive as I have never talked about such a topic. The questions were easy and psychological. I guess my favorite question was “What motivates or helps you keep going and be strong when you feel like giving up?”. When you voice this question and everybody starts to answer, giving their points of view, you already know what to do. For me, the answer is to always go ahead, leave everything behind and try before giving up. 

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The case of the perfect maid

First, I would like to mention that Agatha Christie also known as the “Queen of Detective” is my favorite detective author and I read her books with great pleasure. This one wasn’t an exception. This short, interesting, and intriguing story is so beautifully presented to a reader, that you can’t stop admiring it. To be honest, I didn’t like the first two pages because there wasn’t something interesting, but later it started to surprise me. The most interesting part of this story is that it shows you that the liar and the guilty should be the one, who is less suspected. Of course, I will not tell you the plot as I want you to read that story, it’s worth reading. 

Here’s the link to the story.

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What do you remember


a. Circle the right answer.

  1. Some people think that the rich don’t pay enough tax.
  2. A. Which shoes do you like best?
    B. I like the red ones.
  3. I got a beautiful Italian leather bag for my birthday.
  4. We had been driving for about five hours when we decided to stop and rest.
  5. When we got to Terminal 2, the flight from London had already landed.
  6. As soon as we arrived at the airport, we checked in.
  7. Her father speaks English very fluently.
  8. I just need another five minutes. I’ve nearly finished.
  9. The driver was seriously injured in the accident.
  10. It was such a boring film that we left in the middle of it.


a. Word groups. Underline the word that is different. Say why.

  1. striped, spotted, patterned, hooded
  2. silk, cotton, fur, smart
  3. station, flight, land, pilot
  4. scarf, vest, cardigan, backpack
  5. to fit, to suit, to match, to hang up
  6. lately, slowly, nearly, friendly

b. Complete the sentence with one word.

  1. The plane took off at 7.15.
  2. I’ve just found out that my boss is going to work for another company.
  3. You’d better walk a bit faster if you don’t want to get left behind.
  4. People here dress up a lot for weddings — long dresses and suits.
  5. We checked in as soon as we got to the airport.
  6. My new jeans fit like a glove — they’re so comfortable.
  7. I live quite near here, at the end of this road.

c. Circle the right word.

  1. We haven’t seen each other much lately.
  2. The skirt doesn’t fit me. It’s a bit too big.
  3. The view is awful! You can’t even see the sea!
  4. I’ve been working so hard that I think I need a holiday.
  5. How much luggage have you got?
  6. I love all pasta, especially lasagne.
  7. Can I go in jeans? I don’t feel like getting changed.


a. Underline the word with a different sound.

  1. linen
  2. fur
  3. weren’t
  4. suit
  5. changed
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English homework

How I conquered my fear of flying

Journalist and documentary maker Sean Langan talks about his irrational phobia of flying.

My fear of flying is not just a mild case, but a real, oh-my-God-I’m-going-to-die-any-second kind of fear. Which is unfortunate, because as a foreign journalist I can’t exactly stay at home.  My job has taken me to dangerous places such as Afghanistan and Iraq, but I’m far more worried about flying planes than by flying bullets. After an awful flight earlier this year on a small plane, I decided I would either have to stop flying altogether or I could try to overcome my fears. Which is why, a few weeks later, I agreed to take flight to end all my fears. 

The plane was going almost vertically upwards before moving sharply to the left. To make matters worse, my seat was shaking violently because of severe turbulence. My stomach was turning. The captain, sensing my fear, took his hands off the controls and turned face to me. «You see how safe it is,» he smiled.. In fact Captain Keith Godfrey had designed the flight, or rather the terrifyingly realistic flight simulator, to my needs. 

In the two years Virtual Aviation have been running the course at Heathrow, they had never put the plane through such extreme flying before. Apparently, they thought that was what would work best for me. And they were right. By showing me just how far you can push a plane, and still keep it safely within its limits, they allayed my fears. I had to experience things for myself before I was able to convince myself of the truth. That planes, generally speaking, do not fall out of the sky like rotten apples.

In their careful pre-flight questioning with a therapist called Susie, they focused on what lay beneath my fear. Like many fearful fliers, I often experienced a heightened sense of hearing, noticing small changes in noises and amplifying them dramatically in my mind. Something moving in an overhead locker could sound to me like an engine about to fall off. But Susie focused on my heightened sense of movement as my main problem, which is why during the flight the captain flipped the plane over like a pancake. 

It was an experience I would rather not go through again. But by facing my worst fear, I’d overcome it. And fellow sufferers will be glad to know that I got through my next real flight safe and sound. 

a Read the article and fill the gaps with a sentence A—E.

A ‘You see how safe it is, he smiled.
B Apparently, they thought that was what would work best for me.
C It was an experience I would rather not go through again.
D Like many fearful fliers, I often experienced a heightened sense of hearing, noticing small changes in noises and amplifying them dramatically in my mind.
E Which is unfortunate, because as a foreign journalist I can’t exactly stay at home. 

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English homework

Assignment for 18.04.2022

NEF Student’s Book reading It was a small mistake but it changed my life slide 35 ex b.

b. Using adverbs and adjectives helps to make a story come alive and makes it more enjoyable to read. Complete the story with an adjective or adverb from the list below.

1- family-run
2- extremely
3- well
4- aggressive
5- frequently
6- new
7- reasonably
8- quick
9- immediately
10- an hour later

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English homework

Assignment for 14.04.2022

NEF Student’s Book slide 145, 2C a,b

a. Underline the adverb or adverbial phrase and correct the sentences which are wrong.

  1. She likes very much the theatre.
    She likes the theatre very much.
  2. Dave was late for work yesterday. — CORRECT
  3. Immediately the ambulance arrived.
    The ambulance arrived immediately.
  4. They go usually jogging after work.
    They usually go jogging after work.
  5. I was extremely tired last night. — CORRECT
  6. They won easily the match because they played brilliantly.
    They won the match easily because they played brilliantly․
  7. I forgot your birthday almost.
    I almost forgot your birthday.
  8. We luckily had taken an umbrella.
    Luckily, we had taken an umbrella.
  9. She always eats healthily. — CORRECT
  10. He’s been apparently sacked.
    Apparently, he’s been sacked.

    b. Put the adverbs in brackets in the normal position in these sentences.
  11. The building was badly damaged in the fire last week. (badly, last week)
  12. Obviously, we need to do something quickly. (obviously, quickly)
  13. Ben is often at his friend’s house in the evening. (often, in the evening)
  14. She just walked out and she didn’t even say goodbye. (just, even)
  15. He always drives extremely fast. (always, extremely)
  16. She danced beautifully at the ballet last night. (beautifully, last night)
  17. Luckily she wasn’t seriously injured when she fell. (luckily, seriously)
  18. Apparently, he nearly broke his leg when he was skiing. (apparently, nearly)
  19. My father usually sleeps a bit in the afternoon. (usually, a bit)
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Real Flight Story

Oh, that moment… I’ll never forget that incident that happened to me, it might happen to every passenger. It was September 2019, I was coming back from Italy. Beautiful country, adorable cities. When my holidays were over, we sat on the airplane and it took off. I wasn’t afraid at all, because it wasn’t my first time. The view from the window of the Adriatic sea was incredibly amazing.  We had been flying for nearly an hour, everyone was calm and suddenly I saw the seat belt sign turned on. I don’t remember how about everyone, but I started to panic, because our plane was in rhythmic bumpiness. I haven’t been so scared so far. Luckily, it lasted some minutes, and only after that incident, I was told that it was normal. As I found out that it was just ordinary turbulence, I calmed down.

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English homework

Assignment for 04.04.2022

NEF Student’s Book Air Travel Vocabulary slide 27 2 a, Mini Grammar —Complete the sentences with so, such, such a

2 Vocabulary air travel

a. Complete the column on the right with a word or phrase (all the words come from the Air Babylon extract).

At the airport

  1. Most big airports have several different buildings called terminals.
  2. Passengers leave from Departures and arrive at arrivals.
  3. Two general words for bags and suitcases are luggage and baggage.
  4. When you arrive at the airport, you go to check-in desk to get your boarding pass.
  5. Before you get on the plane you have to show identification at passport control and go through security.
  6. After you have arrived you go to baggage reclaim to pick up your luggage.
  7. When you go through customs, you may be asked, ‘Do you have anything to declare’?
  8. A person whose job is to carry your bags for you is called a porter.
  9. Ryanair and easyJet were two of the first low-cost airlines.

On the plane

  1. The pilots and other people who work in the plane are the (air) crew.
  2. The people who have paid to travel in a plane are passengers.
  3. The person who looks after you during a flight is the attendant.
  4. You can usually ask for a window or aisle seat.
  5. The noun from the verb fly is flight.
  6. When a plane is going up into the sky it is taking off.
  7. When a plane is coming down from the air it is landing.

Mini grammar

Complete the sentences with so, such or such a.

  1. The flight was so long that I got really bored. so
  2. I had such a noisy child sitting beside me that I couldn’t sleep at all. 
  3. There was such a long delay because of fog that we had to sleep at the airport.  
  4. My suitcase was so heavy that I had to pay excess baggage. 
  5. I slept so badly in the plane that it took me two days to recover. 
  6. We were served such terrible food that I couldn’t eat a thing. 
  7. There were so many people at the check-in that we had to queue for an hour. 
  8. We had such heavy cases that we had to ask for a porter.